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Black Sheep – Likybo

Black Sheep – Likybo
Black Sheep – Likybo
🔥01. Trip To The Moon
👍🏾02. Pick You One
🌊03. Reflections
🌊04. Hate Or Not
🌊05. A Lot
🆗06. Where the Money At
👎🏾07. Touch N’ Love
🌊08. Must Be Nice
🆗09. Mixed Emotions
🌊10. Bully On
🌊11. Time Went
🌊12. Special One
🔥13. Audemar
Project is smooth, got a hint of sadboy to that rushed pocket bay area sound but done right. Also allot more R&B vibes than I was expecting. I was here for it but also was surprised that a meme could make music, the content was smooth and his effortless almost bored delivery brought it all home. This can be bumped at the strip club or if you just tryna drive around or smoke something. Maybe even all 3 but not in any order, be safe out here tho. Though this can be compared to allot he had small difference that made it seem like he actually isnt just some industry clone trying to come up off of what is popular, like he actually has some musical talent and originality so good for that. I would bump this a few times or put this on when I don’t know what to put on. In rotation.
7.3/10 – John D.
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