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I Rest My Case – YoungBoy Never Broke Again

I Rest My Case – YoungBoy Never Broke Again
I Rest My Case – YoungBoy Never Broke Again
👩🏿‍01. Top Girls
🚮02. Black
👎🏾03. Louie V
🚮04. Swag On Point
🆗05. Bitch Yeah
👎🏾06. Red
🌊07. Double Cup
👍🏾08. Fight With My Sheets
🆗09. Rage
👫🏿10. Top Haters
🚮11. Just Like Me
🆗12. Ride Me
💤13. Not My Friend
🚮14. Mini Me
🆗15. Clear
👩🏿‍16. I Love YB skit
😴17. Groovy
🌊18. Same Thang
🌊19. Hey Pops
Project got some locker room jams or some shit that young cats will blast on that loud ass blurry speaker on the LA Fitness court but outside of that this is a huge pile of shit. As I struggled through these 19 tracks I realized im either getting disco trap bubblegum beats with him making dog toy noises or, im getting some somewhat mellow soulful piano beats with him singing and screeching a little bit. Sprinkle in the occasional, skinny cat with 0 body-fat muscle flex tracks and you know what to expect. If this is for you, keep that energy over there. If this is not then you get where im coming from and truly want that energy to stay over there because at this point if your bones aren’t bugging you, your senses are. Generic, radio fodder that he has mastered putting out to no end. Throw it out.
2/10 – John D.
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