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8:20am – Streetlyfe Solo

8:20am – Streetlyfe Solo
8:20am – Streetlyfe Solo
👍🏾1. Neva Wrong
😴2. Touch a Bag
🆗3. Most Hated
👍🏾4. Everyday f. Slim 400
🆗5. Purgin
🌊6. In The Air Freestyle
😴7. Me 2
😴8. On The Road f. Trap X & Rico 2 Smoove
Project is type wack. Good is dude can rap a lil and gets his message across. That message is that hes from the hood and he keeps it real. Thats really it. Leave the rest as at the mercy of these beats. They sound like a Bay Area foo djing for planet fitness. They ruined it for me. Features tried but he was the star but no one could save these beats. This at minimum for lil foo’s to practice they set walk in the mirror to. I would skip this, unless you thrive off rocking an edgar cut.
3/10 – John D.
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