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To Srv the Ppl – Ras Ceylon

To Srv the Ppl – Ras Ceylon
To Srv the Ppl – Ras Ceylon
🆗01. 1 Lankan Love
🌊02. A Resolution f. Pefect Giddimani & Tragedy Khadafi
🌊03. Babylon Fallz f. 🔥Seti X
👍🏾04. Prayerz Up f. 🔥Sizzla & 🔥Young Shanty
🌊05. Summer Of 2020
🌊06. Rebel on the Roof f. Prodigal Sunn
👎🏾07. Live Ya Life
👍🏾08. Purple Heart
🌊09. Still Got It f. Kinetic 9
🔥10. Chamber Szn f. Timbo King & Solomon Childs
👎🏾11. Revolutionary Love
🆗12. 1999
👍🏾13. 3 The God Way (Remix) f. LA the Darkman & Prodigal Sunn
Just to start this off I wanna let the MC know that this is coming from a level of care because the content on here is important. Not only did I learn a bit of something it made me want to do some research so salute to that. When breaking down the music, minus a few wack beats allot of this feels like its carrying him. He has mad moments where hes rushing delivery, I can hear him gassing, and somethings just come off corny like the random autotune and Track 11. What hes saying aint wack but its how he says allot of it. He thrives the more boom bap the beat but overall the beats and features were hoisting him up like he hit a hometown gamewinner. So many moments on here screamed that this could’ve stayed in the oven a bit longer or needed a few honest voices in his ear. Its worth a listen but honestly after 1 I had no interest in going back to it sadly.
6/10 – John D.
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