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Long Run Vol. 3 – Vado

Long Run Vol. 3 – Vado
Long Run Vol. 3 – Vado
👍01. Intro
🔥02. Plain Sight f. Lloyd Banks
🌊03. Fast Life f. 🔥 Dave East
👍04. Up Down f. 🆗 Jim Jones
🌊05. By The Stove f. 🔥 Dave East
😴06. Ferina f. 👎 Cartier Nellz
👍07. Broken Record f. 🌊 Lloyd Banks
🚒08. Fairplay
🔥09. Pop Ghost f. 👍 Cartier Nellz
😴10. Fwm f. 🌊 S&S and 👎 Rich Ice
😴11. Wolph’s Bar f. 😴 Cartier Nellz & 😴 Young Weeks
Gangster, that’s the whole vibe of this album. Sounds like it could have been a DJ Clue mixtape from 2002, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This IS a mixtape and has that mixtape feel without many thematic songs, and the producer tags all over it. For the most part the features matched Vado’s grime. A lot of punchlines and with features from Lloyd Banks and Dave East that’s probably what you expected. Best track on the album was the only solo one, Fairplay. Beat selection is solid boom bap but gets a little repetitive. This is the kind of album old east coast heads will throw on rolling around hood and not really care what song is playing, just talking that drug money shit.
6.5/10 – Euphonic
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