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The Def – Kurt Brodie

The Def – Kurt Brodie
The Def – Kurt Brodie
👍🏾01. He’s Back!
🔥02. Klarity
👍🏾03. The One (Novacane)
🔥04. Call Me Back
🌊05. Keep It G
🌊06. Ride or Die
👍🏾07. Etchpad
🌊08. The Rip
🆗09. What It Is
👎🏾10. Chapel
🌊11. Still
Project is solid, lot of heartfelt and real content here, from how he feels about memories, to how he feels about deadbeats and just life all around. Lots of heart and soul in this, he raps about his family, and allot more. He has a dope voice and his delivery is solid overall, some slight parts where it trails a bit but when it hits its very catchy and has allot of punch to it. The production on here has no in between it either slaps or it does not. Same with the mix, its either super clean or not. These inconsistencies do more damage than they should especially to the pacing and just overall enjoyability but not enough to make you want to throw this out. Its solid, just wish a few things stayed in the oven a bit more. You can take away more from this than you throw out tho. In rotation.
6.6/10 – John D.
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