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🌊01. SOS
🔥02. Kill Bill
🔥03. Seek & Destroy
🔥04. Low
🚒05. Love Language
💎06. Blind
🔥07. Used f. Don Toliver
🔥08. Snooze
🔥09. Notice Me
🚒10. Gone Girl
🚒11. Smoking on my Ex Pack
🔥12. Ghost in the Machine f. Phoebe Bridgers
🔥13. F2F
🚒14. Nobody Gets Me
🌊15. Conceited
🚒16. Special
🔥17. Too Late
🚒18. Far
🔥19. Shirt
🌊20. Open Arms f. Travis Scott
🌊21. I Hate U
🔥22. Good Days
🚒23. Forgiveless f. Ol’ Dirty Bastard
Project is her house and her guests gotta make sure when they sit down the keep they ass on that plastic. This project hits on so many levels, its super honest, its super toxic and it feels extremely genuine coming from the male POV who honestly struggles with what females are thinking. On top of that she’s doing it all musically, from Track 11 talking super fucking nice, 13 which made me upset and feel pain but was still bopping, to her starting off track 14 with that Jay-Z haymaker. Theres levels, she got her old school R&B bag which I missed so much that the length of this didn’t effect me, her Avril Lavigne white girl bop bag which she dips into a lil bit and her Aaliyah warm rain bag. Add great pacing story wise, emotion wise, toxicity wise and you have honestly one of the most complete albums i’ve heard all around. If this doesn’t solidify her anymore as a great, I don’t know what else she could do. In rotation.
10/10 – John D.
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