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MOB – Babyface Ray

MOB – Babyface Ray
MOB – Babyface Ray
🆗01. Waves On Every Chain
👍🏾02. Wonderful Wayne & Jackie Boy f. Lil Durk
😴03. Rap Politics
👎🏾04. Nice Guy
🗑05. Brand New Benz
💵06. Vonnie Skit
😴07. Vonnie Song
🌊08. Spend It f. Blxst & Nija
👎🏾09. Bitch Wyd?
💤10. Crazy World
🗑11. Massacre f. Doe Boy
😴12. Masterpiece
🌊13. Wavy Gang Immortal f. Samuel Shabazz & King Hendrick$
😴14. Code + Love Me Some More
🗑15. Spill My Cup
🚮16. Corner Suite
🚮17. Hallelujah f. GMO Stax
👍🏾18. Famous
He rap like someone put him in the booth mid nap, drool still on his face. This one of those rap voices I cannot get on board with, if I knew someone who even naturally talked like this not only would I not trust them, I would not fuck with them at all. Project is the worst part of the lowest tier mainstream. Just invincible super thug raps, about grinding, the streets, how drugs might kill him, betrayal is normal, dig up your dead friend that I saw you post on social media raps so these kids think I did it, but also maybe the Feds do too. Its all trash, on top of his wack delivery, and these boring ass beats. Most of the features were trash but the ones that weren’t stole the tracks. Its boring, unoriginal, predictable, and highkey industry planted. They turned rappers into those copy and paste youtube and even instagram influencers. Good job.
2.8/10 – John D.
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