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Last of a Dying Breed – Kool G Rap

Last of a Dying Breed – Kool G Rap
Last of a Dying Breed – Kool G Rap
🔥01. Dying Breed f. Jigsaw
🌊02. Scared Money f. General Vee
🔥03. Never Be f. Folkland Los, Vado & Royal Flush
🔥04. Fly Till I Die f. Big Daddy Kane
🔥05. Critical f. Nems
🚒06. Born Hustler f. General Vee, 38 Spesh & AZ
🔥07. Official
🔥08. Donald Goines
🚒09. Million Reasons f. Al Skratch
🔥10. Winning Hand f. Lil’ Dee & Blue Eyes
🔥11. Born N Raised f. Grandmaster Caz, Doo Wop & Marley Marl
Project is a good time. Just a pioneer coming through to completely doo doo on the rap game and its participants. A Veteran giving listeners who know and those who forgot a swift back hand. Project is dope, it manages to sound fresh and old school at the exact same time. You could convince a youngin that he came out during the golden era, but it might blow they mind that he was here before that. Every beat on here knocks and highkey sounds like its coming from all sorts of pockets in the hip hop universe. Its great, the pacing is solid, the features had no choice but to show up and Kool G himself just does what he does on it, at a very high level. This feels like a chapter in history but made in a slick cool current social media type way that we all are used to digesting now. In rotation. If you don’t like this, highkey we have to fight.
9/10 – John D.
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