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Still Champion – Homeboy Sandman

Still Champion – Homeboy Sandman
Still Champion – Homeboy Sandman
🌊01. Thanks & Praises
🌊02. Satellite
🌊03. Radiator
🔥04. Source Code f. Deca
🌊05. Today
🔥06. Fresh Air Fund
🔥07. All Because of You
🔥08. News to Me f. Deca & Randy Mason
🌊09. Let Go
🔥10. Get Yours
Project is a good time. Honestly the production might have outshined him a little bit. He is talking nice, some very thought sparking content here but sometimes his delivery goes off the strange end or even sounds lazy sometimes, hooks too so it makes you feel like the song should have been way better than it was. They still bop tho. The beats are incredible, and the features were much needed as far as contrast to pickup when hes in that weird bag. Overall its got a nice pacing to it, starts a lil slower and smoother and kind of hits harder to close it out. This is one of those ones that you can enjoy first listen but you will have to bump again to get more out of it. In rotation for sure.
7.5/10 – John D.
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