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Royal Tendencies – Kinesis

Royal Tendencies – Kinesis
Royal Tendencies – Kinesis
🤖01. Who is Kinesis? (Intro)
🌊02. Godlike
🌊03. FallOver
🌊04. First Stage
👩🏾‍💼05. Self Awareness (skit)
🌊06. Wonder Wombman f. 🔥Njeri Earth
🌊07. Griselda Blanko
🔥08. Gimmie Mine f. Maddog Mcgraw
🆗09. Traumaz-N-Triggaz
🌊10. New Emcee
🌊11. OutKold (Damn!)
Project is solid. Its pussy raps, but not the mainstream kind, its the calling you one side. Not bad, the production on here is dope and has some solid variety. The features also shined shined on this. Kinesis can rap rap too, she just gotta work on them hooks. Not bad, I feel like she wanted to do something very much her but also hint at the mainstream because she was punching then including some things we all expect from the mainstream but with her own twist. Not bad, just want to really hear her go crazy. Not bad, overall its a solid vibe, enough to remember her but not yet ready to bang with the upper tier. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.
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