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The Yodfather – Your Old Droog

The Yodfather – Your Old Droog
The Yodfather – Your Old Droog
🔥1. WW3 Freestyle
🌊2. Tony Touch Freestyle
🚒3. David Bowie Freestyle
🚒4. Francis Ford Coppola
🔥5. Droogie-La
🔥6. Zubin Mehta / Munchos Freestyle
🔥7. 90 From The Line, Pt. 3
This middleweight Nas. Project is a bop. He rapping like he live in a basement studio apartment under a shop in nyc and his slumlord gives him a hard time. The content don’t match that energy, fully tho he rappin about how he came from that in spurts. Mostly he just snapping to dope beats, no hooks no bullshit. This for cats that love hip hop but get mad and say nothing if you ask them. Pacing is dope, quality up there. Beats dope. It all works. This something I wouldve burned copies of and handed out to the homies back in the day. In rotation.
9.4/10 – John D.
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