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King’s Disease III – Nas

King’s Disease III – Nas
King’s Disease III – Nas
🔥01. Ghetto Reporter
🔥02. Legit
🚒03. Thun
🚒04. Michael & Quincy
🔥05. 30
🌊06. Hood2Hood
🔥07. Recession Proof
🔥08. Reminisce
🌊09. Serious Interlude
🔥10. I’m on Fire
🔥11. WTF SMH
🚒12. Once a Man, Twice a Child
🔥13. Get Light
🔥14. First Time
🔥15. Beef
🌊16. Don’t Shoot
🌊17. Til My Last Breath (Bonus Track)
I will be the first to say I have heard enough of this duo and that Hit-Boy needs to share. I will also follow that with, this album absolutely bops. He’s out here just rapping, he covering all sorts of grounds, he mentioning shit we love, talking that “premo project still dropping” shit we need, or that “old flow was the rough version of this new flow”, or that “old bitches, new bitches, old money, new money” shit, all of it. At this point in his career and how much gold, politics, love and turmoil he’s blessed us with, it makes sense referring to himself as a King and this 3rd installment further plays on the reality of that. He’s been in the game since I was a toddler, so at this point to sound this good is a celebration for hip hop. In rotation, but not that AOTY hype yall be on, let this marinate.
9.3/10 – John D.
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