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Her Loss – Drake & 21 Savage

Her Loss – Drake & 21 Savage
Her Loss – Drake & 21 Savage
🌊01. Rich Flex
🌊02. Major Distribution
🌊03. On BS
🔥04. BackOutsideBoyz
🔥05. Privileged Rappers
🔥06. Spin Bout U
🌊07. Hours In Silence
👍🏽08. Treacherous Twins
🌊09. Circe Loco
🌊10. Pussy & Millions (feat. Travis Scott)
👍🏽11. Broke Boys
🌊12. Middle of the Ocean
🌊13. Jumbotron Shit Poppin
🌊14. More Ms
🔥15. 3am on Glenwood
🌊16. I Guess It’s F**k Me
For the most part the album is a good time. A lot of drake on his future shit with 21 like the kid brother who’s just happy to be in the same room with his idol. For the first time I must admit 21 was actually sliding on every record and for drake it was more of the usual for him with the quotables. Beats were just ok as you expect more top notch out of drake but serviceable. But overall production and quality was there because…again…it’s drake. What I will say it was a bit too long for an album with two different style of rappers and only one feature really wish there was a future or dare I say it a J. Cole on here but this was a warm album for the winter drive. In rotation.
7.1/10 – LP
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