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The Shadow In the Shade 2 – Sy Ari Da Kid

The Shadow In the Shade 2 – Sy Ari Da Kid
The Shadow In the Shade 2 – Sy Ari Da Kid
🚒01. Autobiography f. Bigga Rankin
🔥02. True Facts
🔥03. Yard Sale
🔥04. Strugglin’ To Struggle f. Freeway
🚒05. The Pride Before the Fall
💎06. Vantage Point
💎07. Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
🚒08. To Be Continued
🔥09. A Consultation f. Mickey Factz
📞10. Sy-95 (Interlude)
🚒11. The Rules of Engagement
🚒12. Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodles
🔥13. Final Fantasy 7
🔥14. Bad News First
🔥15. Somewhere On Norfolk Street f. Trouble
🚒16. Jagged Edge
🗣17. A Word From Pops (Interlude)
🚒18. Ain’t Been To Church In a While
🔥19. Spar With an Open Verse
🚒20. A President Short of a Nomination
🔥21. Dosvidaniya
This dude dropped AOTY at the beginning of the year, and then dropped another AOTY at the end of the year with this one. I am not arguing with anyone, this project has everything. Every beat, every bar, every feature, every hook, the pacing, the gems, the consistency, the quality, the mixes, honestly I don’t even know what else I could list, even the album art is fire. This is genuine, this is songwriting, raps and production at its highest tier and it all feels complete and goes together. If you can honestly listen to this and say theres something on it that you don’t like, you ate paint chips as a child and must seek compensation from a late night 1800 number. The amount of quotables on this, the relatable tracks, the relevant tracks to this industry and just if you grew up with some sort of struggle this all hits. To drop 2, 21 song projects this dope in one year, has to mean this is easy for him and theres more. Whats funny is today people probably only gonna notice that Drake and 21 project that dropped today too. I hope this was on purpose to go toe to toe with that BS. In rotation.
10/10 – John D.
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