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Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1 – Kodak Black

Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1 – Kodak Black
Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1 – Kodak Black
🆗01. Kodak The Boss
🆗02. 300 Blackout
😴03. Slay Like Santa
🌊04. If You Ever
👍🏾05. I Can’t Sleep
👎🏾06. Demand My Respect
🔥07. Play f. Lil Crix
🌊08. Starter Kit f. VVSNCE
🚮09. I’m So Awesome
👎🏾10. Game From Pluto
🚮11. Walk
👎🏾12. Spin
🚛13. Ammunition f. NFL Tuewop
🚮14. Hop Out Shoot
👎🏾15. Kutthroat Barbie
👎🏾16. At The Cross
🌊17. Freezing My Pinky
😴18. Bad Man f. 🌊Prince Swanny
👎🏾19. Silencer
You ever walk passed a youth that could not afford headphones, and they are blasting music from they phone speaker, and yelling out 20% of the actual lyrics and kinda winging the rest? Now imagine someone followed that person with studio equipment. The production this dude gets is high tier radio hit type quality but they don’t always save him, he tries his best to ruin them most of the time. This is clear when he has features, the features absolutely shine on all fronts then he comes in like that nephew asking if you got games on your phone. This should be a dope complete project but its not because of him, without him you have sonics, pacing, even the beats bring emotion. With him he sounds like hes chewing his food loudly on the mic most of the time. This could have easily been wasted on better talent with less money. Try to tell these kids that tho. Pass.
3/10 – John D.
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