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Family & Mula – Rich Homie Quan

Family & Mula – Rich Homie Quan
Family & Mula – Rich Homie Quan
🔥1. Kno No More
🔥2. Risk Takers
🌊3. Bigger Jeans f. NoCap
🌊4. Dark Shades
🔥5. Another One
🔥6. Family & Mula
🔥7. Dangerous
🔥8. Krazy
Project is dope. Sad because listening to it all I could think was that Rich Homie is really that dad that taught the hero in a movie everything he knows but the world just forgot about him and never gave him his credit. When he drops like this, its clear that this sound is his and this is how you supposed to do it. Even if people hate mumble rap and all that shirtless out the mud hood shit, you cannot tell me this doesn’t sound like what these new cats are trying to capture. The sonics, the melodies, the flows, the bounce, and even the content it all blends and it all hits. Its soulful, its very grounded to the streets, you can drive, smoke, dance, bop and even premeditate crime to it. Lastly you can just run this on repeat and wont have to skip anything. Highkey I will never understand why no one reaches out to him for that feature, he had an era of making peoples songs better. In rotation.
7.9/10 – John D.
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