have a nice day ep – Chris Miles & Lil Xan

have a nice day ep – Chris Miles & Lil Xan


have a nice day ep – Chris Miles & Lil Xan
?1. Paranoid
??2. Drop Dead
?3. Jokes On You
?4. Toxic f. Lil Tracy
??5. Miss Me
You know a project is just riddled with face tats and probably stinks when you hear it. The labels saw MGK numbers these last few years and decided black is out and Lil Xan is white again. Or at minimum mixed. This a 5 piece for black kids who couldn’t cut it with black girls so they dabble in snow bunnies at a young age. Got that fake punk rock poser vibe to it that white rappers fall back on when they stop hanging out in the hood. I know I am using the words black and white allot but thats very much the energy of this one, its sad boy pseudo punk rock new age rap. Lots of suicide and drug talk, some ok melodies, all feels very much written by ones person and shaped and molded by another. He trying win the white girl hearts to get on festivals or at least on a TMZ post again. Its not bad but nothing worth bumping again, feels industry driven.
5/10 – John D.


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