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Faster Car Music – YBN Nahmir


Faster Car Music – YBN Nahmir
?1. Spend It
?2. Where I’m From
?3. Bows
?4. Pip N’ Walk
??5. Inna Trap
??6. Only One f. Jeremih
?7. Lamborghini Truck
We still making music like this. He’s not serious. All I could think was, does he really talk like this? If he’s around his mom, is this how he pronounces his words. It sounds forced like a label picked up some normal kid from the hood and was like copy the people around you that you don’t associate but make it very Hollywood. This is the wildest of ass. All the production and effects on this make it funny, just wasted on him saying nothing. How he pull off sounding outdated and current at the same time? Take this youtube hood series soundtrack straight to wherever the ones that don’t make it go to die. Throw this one way out. All the way out. Put him back in the hood.
0/10 – John D.


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