Good Movie – Pi’erre Bourne

Good Movie – Pi’erre Bourne


Good Movie – Pi’erre Bourne
?01. Opening Scene
?02. Shorty Diary
?03. Logline
?04. Ex Factor
?05. Intro To Love
?06. Love Drill
?07. Hop In My Bed
??08. Superstar
?09. Where You Going
?10. What I Gotta Do
?11. DJ In The Car
??12. Psane f. Don Toliver
?13. Kingdom Hall (Skit)
?14. Kingdom Hall
?15. Witty (Skit)
??16. Kevin Heart
?17. Sosshouse Party
?18. Safe Haven
?19. Rounds
?20. System
?21. Moving Too Fast f. Young Nudy
?22. Good Movie
?23. Heart Say
Album is dog shit. Its mad long, and hes just drooling about highschool diary shit on some bubble gum ass entirely too busy beats. Its weak, its way too long, the skits the don’t matter, the content should have a TV-Y7 rating on it. Its a rough listen, for every 7 songs that are ass there is one that is ok that you can tell he might know how to make decent music but instead hes gonna focus on this very low IQ content and just modern era sparkly sound type music for kids that cant sit still. Throw this one out.
2/10 – John D.


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