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Flying High – LMD, Madlib & MED


Flying High – LMD, Madlib & MED
?01. Into
?02. Flying High
?03. Advice
??04. Pop Fly f. DJ Romes
?05. Kool f. Fly Anakin & J Rocc
?06. The Cypher
?07. LMD Skit 1
?08. Super f. DJ Romes
??09. Steppers
?10. Birthday f. J Rocc
?11. LMD Skit 2
??12. High Stakes
?13. Duwop
This a solid old head party, something old heads and dance mad hard to, stomping on the ground and what not. Not mad tho, when I finished this my shirt went up an X in size. The content is old school and real but they also flexing as much as they can lyrically and flow wise which isnt saying much just a nice way of saying the flows is old school. The contrast is solid them going back and forth and such is dope but sometimes it feels like they each were mixed in they own world because dude with the deeper voice always comes in super hot. Beats dope, pacing solid, nice lil skits, project is cool nothing crazy but old cats can hold onto it. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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