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Crypto Veggies – Casey Veggies

Crypto Veggies – Casey Veggies
Crypto Veggies – Casey Veggies
🆗01. Kriss Cross
🆗02. Where the Lakers Ball
😴03. Pandemic
🌊04. I Shoulda Known
😴05. Show & Tell
😴06. Back Then
👎🏾07. No Debate f. Yun-A & nNo
🆗08. On Go f. Natalia Shanelle
👎🏾09. Trippin f. KAIDONTRAP, Grand Manner & Freddy Solitary
😴10. Doin’ the Dash
Project is ass. He mentions crypto once. Its just him giving himself a reason to reap about money, paper, racks, tags, all the words you’d expect, some I fucked yo bitches, the word savage, and youngin or young nigga talk. Shit is ass, like no one cares. He mentions paying his dues, I guess thats why he thinks this bullshit is acceptable. Its boring, beats are nice but nothing is done on them, and the features were hot garbage as well, they all sounded like they get anxiety in recording booth’s. Its tough thinking this dude was part of odd future, probably haunts him too when his label is playing this trash back to him. Project is lazy, typical, mainstream fodder that doesn’t make the cut because he don’t dress funny or flash enough guns and borrowed money. Lets throw this one out together.
2/10 – John D.
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