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Kurupt Presents: 7Ps Tha Gotti Way – Kurupt

Kurupt Presents: 7Ps Tha Gotti Way – Kurupt
Kurupt Presents: 7Ps Tha Gotti Way – Kurupt
🎙01. 7 P’s (Intro)
🆗02. I Aint a Killa
👍🏾03. La Baby f. Sakoya Wynter
🌊04. 4Eva f. Luxury Clique
🌊05. Ashamed f. KG & Ted Park
👍🏾06. Pussy Whistle f. Masta Killa
🌊07. Slide Down f. Tylo & DOM KENNEDY
🔥08. I’m On U
🔥09. With Gyrls f. Kennedy
🔥10. Dumb f. Juiceavelli
🔥11. Fvck It f. Daz Dillinger & Roscoe
Best way to describe this is its like those throwback dope sleepovers we would have on like birthday parties with all the homies, and it starts off solid, has moments but doesnt really get good till the end. Kurupt is the parent popping his head into the room to make sure shit aint getting out of control but also throwing in a few lines to show the chirren he still got it. Thats the energy, first half, some very different type beats, some a lil dated and such, and some artists I am assuming are under him doing what they can to make decent songs nothing crazy no flair or anything like that then once that Dom feature comes everything after that was all heat, the music figured out what it wanted to be. Pacing could have used some work, but either way this isnt bad at all there is allot to take from this new head old head or curious head. This has some layers, has raps, has vibes, some funk, and just allot of hope. I was here for it, in rotation. Shout out to the Quadruple OG.
7.8/10 – John D.
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