Live Jewels – Live Johnson

Live Jewels – Live Johnson


Live Jewels – Live Johnson
? 01. Live Jewels
? 02. The Only Way
? 03. Classic Vibes
? 04. Roses Feat. (?) Johnny Lowe
? 05. Luv It Feat. Michael Bostic
? 06. More Life Feat. (?) Patricia Nicole
? 07. Tax Something Feat. Michael Bostic
? 08. Rules Codes & Regulations Feat. Louis Quinn
?? 09. The Last of Us Feat. Bizzy Bee & Kony Brooks
? 10. Worth of Game
? 11. Kings & Lords
? 12. Better Late Than Never Feat. Ebony Eyze
? 13. The Gems
This album is a great listen. I appreciate that this whole album is connected by having he skits set up to the next song. That’s a great touch. The production is solid And a lot of the features came to play. At times some of the delivery of the verses didn’t match the energy of the song, especially when it comes to the hooks on some of these tracks. The pacing gets shaky at the beginning of the second half of this project but picks back up before the album ends. Overall, it’s dope and worth checking out.
7.5/10 – RecklessDWR


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