Freelance – Ben Reilly

Freelance – Ben Reilly


Freelance – Ben Reilly
?01. No Strings: Don’t Hold Back
?02. Ace High
?03. She Likes My… Deep Pockets
?04. No Strings: The Let Go
?05. Red Bird f. Nico Porter
?06. Townhouse
?07. Finsta f. Miseye
?08. Side Show
?09. No Strings: We Out Now
?10. Maytag (Tax Free)
?11. Brown Bird f. Luke Royal
?12. Barbed Wire Watch f. SE7EN
?13. No Strings: The Cardinal
Sound like Kendrick if he didnt pick his nose a d eat it or whatever weirdos do to be weird. Gotta stop sleeping on them anime fans. Imagine they put that “which is the best shonen?” energy into music. Dude is talented. The raps, the flows, delivery, cadence and singing all on top of these very busy and unique ass beats. Every second has something to hold onto. Features were guests that brought they own sides and this was just overall a complete experience with mad heart and soul. Makes you wanna do better with your life. Easily in rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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