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Instant Classic – Marc Dub

Instant Classic – Marc Dub
Instant Classic – Marc Dub
👎🏾01. Let’s Get It
🌊02. Action
🆗03. FOTN
😴04. The Drip
🆗05. Options ft Dat Boi Hollow
🌊06. Here We Go Again ft Secrets
👎🏾07. No Pressure
🆗08. Nuance
🆗09. Fall Thru ft LexC
🆗10. Faces ft Brand-Nu
👎🏾11. Coming of Age
🆗12. Motivations
🆗13. Chance of a Lifetime
🌊14. One Hunnid
🆗15. I Made It ft Sarita Lozano
🆗16. Dig Deep
🗑17. Love Song ft 2HONEST
🆗18. Martini Shot
🗑19. Instant Classic
This by no means is an instant classic. Damn near to be an instant red stamp from the intro but had to give it grace & resume this bland ass listen. Now there by no means are punchlines that remotely even make anyone acknowledge something was even said. He rhymes the same words way to frequently on these track for me to believe someone didn’t tell him to do a different verse or say son different damnit. Regardless the bright spots were the features and the beats. Besides that this man got carried like Xerxes on most of this project and the hooks he sang were more annoying than catchy. Overall this ain’t it champ.
4.5/10 – TR!P
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