Detour – Malik Elijah

Detour – Malik Elijah


Detour – Malik Elijah
?04. ATITAGAIN f. Issac Zale & Nuke Franklin
?07. WORSTENEMY f. Meme Musicc & Waki
?08. WHENITSTIME f. Kipp Stone & Uni*
?09. NOWHERE f. Marco Plus
Super dope rap voice. Great flows, content and switchuos. Lowkey sound like Marlon Craft if he was more black. Dude did it all, raps, bars, new age, singing, hooks honestly its impressive how complete this project is. This like that old kanye mos def feel that he claims he aint like with a new age mainstream underground feel. You know what I mean too. The vibe here was so dope, smoke n drive music for sure. Beats dope features came thru but ultimately this was his party. Get this dude some high budget features and I promise he gonna put out a classic classic. Till them this is more than enough. In rotation.
8.8/10 – John D.


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