The Sellout – King Nova

The Sellout – King Nova


The Sellout – King Nova
?01. The Sellout
?02. One Man Army
?03. Money Running f. ?J-Leach
?04. Frostbite f. Miyagi & Эндшпиль
?05. My Dogs
?06. Bass Kick
??07. Through the Town
?08. Get Off f. Memg
?09. L.I. 495 f. DJ Tone Experience, Blizz G & Strait Jacc Man
?10. Slidin f. ?Murkemz
?11. Crimedanch City Nights f. Splash
?12. Jr. Bag Daddy f. Delerente
?13. Michael Vick
??14. Stick Slid f. Nino Man & ?Itsbizkit
?15. Tiffany
?16. Starbucks Run f. Dre’ana
Project aint bad, dude can rap, what will determine how much of this you consume will most likely be his content and hooks. For me those were his downfalls, almost every song he finds a more generic way of saying he slept with your female or how hes good because he has acquired a comfortable amount of wealth. Some of the hooks follow this boring approach too. Outside of that tho, you got some clean raps, solid features minus that instagram famous guy, and some really dope beats. Its all good quality. Just wish he was saying more and not holding onto industry terms for dear life because his voice and flows really sold some of that generic stuff. Not bad but not great. I can hear more potential than anything.
6/10 – John D.


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