FOD The Infrastructure – Philthy Rich

FOD The Infrastructure – Philthy Rich


FOD The Infrastructure – Philthy Rich
?01. Rolls Truck f. Philthy Rich
??02. What we on f. JUST BANG & Woo Dell
??03. Funk or Die f. Toohda Band$,Skinny&Loso3k0
?04. The Road f. Lul Boog
?05. Rich as Hell f. Skinny T, Lil Steve, Philthy Rich, & Lil Tray
??06. Clubhouse Killers f. CML, Wop Dell & Toohda Band$
?07. Sports Mode f. Lil Tray, Loso3k0, Skinny T
?08. How You Coming f. Mac God Dbo
?09. Right Now f. Young Avi & JUST BANG
??10. Im Good f. Young Jr, Philthy Rich, Dolla Dame
?11. Make ‘Em Madder f. Preddy Boy P, Wop Dell, JUST BANG
??12. Big Ole Choppa f. Cash Click Boog
??13. Understand Me f. Dolla Dame & Wop Dell
?14. Spin Again f. J Money, JUST BANG, Lil Tray
??15. YSL Crazy f. AFN Peso, Philthy Rich
?16. 63’s & Wraith’s f. Visa
?17. Boys In Motion f. Wop Dell, Toohda Band$
??18. I’m Ona Way f. Mac J, Toohda Band$
?19. Big Pop f. Rosco Feddi, Visa
?20. Paid In Full f. Killa Fonte
??21. FREE JBAY f. J Money, JUST BANG, Lil Steve
?22. Stocks f. Upperclass Murdock, Certified Red
?23. On My Way f. Young Slo f. be, Dolla Dame
?24. Belly f. Big J
?25. Stipulations f. Cash Click Boog, Toohda Band$
??26. Ghetto FOD Boyz f. Louie Ray, Peezy, Lou Gram, Philthy Rich, Toohda Band$, JUST BANG
This album is HARD….to listen to. The beats were the same bay drums with WASTED samples. I understand there is a demographic (and I ain’t that demographic) you are trying to reach but even within that demographic this project don’t sit well. Almost everyone has the same flow and cadence on every song, 75% being off beat using that awkward tryna be off beat on purpose flow which never sounds good. This project’s saving grace is Roscoe Feddi and Visa. Had high hopes for Philthy Rich but this ain’t it. It’s FAR from it. Please, for the sake of the bay, do better.
2/10 – Angel 4Pillars


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