Four Finger Ring – The Bad Seed

Four Finger Ring – The Bad Seed


Four Finger Ring – The Bad Seed
?01. Anxiety
?02. Complex Napoleon
?03. Just Be True
?04. The Alchemist
?05. Four Finger Ring, Pt. 1
?06. Bloody Rain
?07. Feb 6
?08. Bill and Fame f. Tone Spliff
?09. Think About You
?10. She Gang Gang
?11. A Beautiful Mind f. Tone Spliff
?12. Four Finger Ring, Pt. II
?13. Seed
?14. 10 Toes Down (HE TALKING FUCKING ?)
?15. First Day Of School
This 8 Ball Jacket music from the Diddy Bop king. This Timb colored wallabees at special occasion music. All jokes aside tho this is a veteran at work, putting together a masterclass. Hes angry, hes aware, hes slick and he getting all of this off his chest clearly and effortlessly. From real shit about the world we live in, school shootings and what not, to very real shit in this hip hop game young cats and old cats moving strange to that K Dot shit falling flat and his fanbase being silent week 2, to him even appreciating the fact that he can be called old because he made it this far. Shout out to him and Nottz ending they beef and talking bout it. This that shit, this a legend that aint ready for that title yet because legends gotta die to get that claim. This whole shit bops, punches, simple but dope hooks and some of the punchiest most boom baps beats you gonna here. This shit is a must listen. In heavy rotation.
10/10 – John D.


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