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Risen – Pauna

Risen – Pauna
Risen – Pauna
🚮01. Run
🆗02. Undone (feat. Awolgency)
👎🏽03. Busy Man
🆗04. Playing Myself
👎🏽05. Oh I
🌊06. Risen (feat. Byro)
😴07. Ho Way
🆗08. Round My Way
🌊09. Razzle Dazzle
😴10: Monster
😴11: Boginya
This was tough to review. Not because it was like terrible or bad but because it was so up and down. This entire project is for 20yr olds who pop a few and rage with glow sticks. This is a party project. But for me it didn’t make me want to party and that’s the key aspect in making a project like this. The beats were ok the production was clean the lyrics however were very jumbled like she was doing too much. The line feature she had was the best song on the album and it was because he contrasted her so well. Take like two songs and move on.
3.9/10 – LP
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