Madhouse – Nikmoody

Madhouse – Nikmoody


Madhouse – Nikmoody
?01. Maze
?02. BMT f. Drew York
?03. Voodoo
?04. Take It or Leave It f. Ray Hodge & Leigh
?05. La La Land
?06. DWMT f. Books Washington
?07. Fahgettaboudit f. J.Sos
?08. Why did You Go?
?/?09. 9 Lives
?10. Cap
?11. In the Family f. Johnny Avino
?12. All Good f. Leigh
?13. Turnin Tables
?14. Coffee Breath f. Blvff
?15. Take Me Alive
?16. Mad!?
Project is allot to unpack. It fits the name, the madhouse is his life and mind. You go through so many pages and snippets of his process, pinches of his life, his attitude, his character and all and it fits the story title. If it wasnt called that the pacing would highkey be that. I was here for it, dude can fucking rap, he gets his sing on too, very dope and catchy voice for sure, sometimes a bit animated but it works. He is big on wordplay so you get all of that but on top of that he likes slick shit and adapts to anything. All the beats, the features the variety that this is dishing out to you at a very high quality is undeniable. Great pacing minus the closing track (which is good just didnt feel like a closing) and honestly the variety is enough to give this multiple spins. In rotation for sure, project is a good time and you can hear allot of love went into this one. I will say all the mob stuff I wish there was more or a side ep dedicated to that because it was like a 70’s movie.
8.2/10 – John D.


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