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Palindrome – Anthony Kannon

Palindrome – Anthony Kannon
Palindrome – Anthony Kannon
👍🏽1. Green Rain
🌊2. Avril Lavigne
👍🏽3. CorNY
🌊4. 1+2+3
🌊5. Moncler Coat
🆗6. Soil
👍🏽7. Palindrome
You ever watch a show that you really wanna like but spends 40 minutes building up suspense just to not capitalize on plot development. This is Palindrome. Like I liked it but I didn’t really really like it. Nothing wowed me. The beats were solid, the production was super clean but the lyrics didn’t pack any punches. Anthony is clearly talented he has an interesting rap voice but the lyrics just didn’t take it over the top and it’s a shame because I was rooting for him to. In slight rotation 🤷🏽‍♂️
5/10 – LP
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