Early Wishes – Tim North

Early Wishes – Tim North


Early Wishes – Tim North
??1. Parachutes
?2. On a Roll f. Rittz
?3. No Reason f. Sammy Adams
?4. Feel Real f. JRDN & Quake Matthews
?5. Earned It f. Chris Stylez
?6. Overhead
?7. My Way f. Sammy Adams
?8. Numbers
Project is mids. I will say tho, the sound he was going for on this could be something absolutely great when he masters it, that 2nd track was a highkey sign. The issue I had with this was it was 8 tracks where he had all these features to help but he only did 1 thing really, and his range wasn’t really tested. It was mainly him lax singing or lax singing with extra doubles and effects. Features all showed up but nothing that really separated from what he was doing minus the cats who you can actually hear sounded different because they were rapping, all the singers just sounded the same. Production was solid too, I just felt like this dude has such an easy sound to make great and didn’t fully stress himself out over it. I couldn’t help but feel like this could have been so much better. Project makes me wanna keep an eye on whatever is next tho.
5.5/10 – John D.


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