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Deathfame – Quelle Chris

Deathfame – Quelle Chris
Deathfame – Quelle Chris
🎙01. TEYC
🌊02. Alive Ain’t Always Living
👎🏼03. King in Black
🗣04. PS1 (Pontiac Sunfire 1)
🌊05. Feed the Heads
🔥06. So Tired You Can’t Stop Dreaming Feat. Navy Blue
🌊07. Die Happy Knowing They’ll Care
😴09. The Agency of the Future
😴10. Help I’m Dead
😴11. How Could They Love Something Like Me?
🆗12. Cui Prodest Feat. Denmark Vessey, J Jig Ciceros
🌊13. The Sky is Blue Because the Sunset is Red Feat. Moruf & Pink Siifu
🆗14. Excuse My Back Feat. Cavalier
This album was very conflicting for me. I can tell that this is a project that will grow on you the more you listen to. As a casual listener, there were parts that were hard to get through. It was a very artistic themed album and was made for a niche audience. Unfortunately, I don’t think I fall into that demographic that can appreciate this style of music. Although there were a lot of high points such as the production. It had a very unique sound sort of like it was made for like a musical that had Hip-Hop music incorporated into it. Overall, it had some good songs, but I probably won’t revisit this.
5.5/10 – RecklessDWR
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