Drill Music In Zion – Lupe Fiasco

Drill Music In Zion – Lupe Fiasco


Drill Music In Zion – Lupe Fiasco
?01. The Lion’s Deen f. Ayesha Jaco
?02. Ghoti
??03. Autoboto f. Nayirah
?04. Precious Things f. Nayirah
?05. Kiosk
?06. Ms. Mural
?07. Naomi
?08. Drill Music In Zion
?09. Seattle f. Nayirah
?10. On Faux Nem
Project is dope. Lyrics alone people are gonna have a bunch to unpack but not just his layered messaged but honestly with yourself. Made me stare at the mirror for a hot minute and I couldn’t tell you if I was mad or not. The production on here is very dope its got a very dope mix between like golden era backpack stuff, to some cloudy almost lo fi sounding vibes and some more uplifting ones too. Great contrast between him and himself when he gets his sing on or if Nayirah on here just blessing it. Pacing was solid if you skip Auto or if you like it, to me its the weakest on here and way too early. The messages, the energy, the simplicity but also complexity of this project is special. This is a love piece. Since the milk babies of today barely read books I hope this catches ears so maybe the youth wake up. In heavy rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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