Vinyl Days – Logic

Vinyl Days – Logic


Vinyl Days – Logic
??01. Danger
?02. Tetris
?03. In my lifetime f. Action Bronson
?04. Decades
?05. JJ Abrahams
?07. Quasi
?08. Bleed It
?09. LaDonda
⚾️10. Aaron Judge
?11. Clouds f. Langston Bristol & Curren$y
??12. Michael Rap
?13. Therapy Music f. Russ
?14. Tony Revolori
?15. Rogue One
??16. Breathe Control f. Wiz Khalifa
?17. NEMS
??18. Nardwuar f. Doc D
?19. Kickstyle f. iamJMARS, Big Lenbo & C Dot Castro
?20. EarlyBird
?21. Ten Years f. Royce da 5’9″
?22. Porta one f. RZA
?23. NeedleDrop
?24. Introducing Nezi f. Nezi Momodu
?25. Orville f. Like, Blu & Exile
?26. Carnival f. AZ
?27. Lena’s Insight
?28. VInyl Days f. DJ Premier
?29. I guess I love it. f.The Game
?30. Sayonara
Project makes me hate boombap. I already hate flex so just knowing he on here ready to pop up randomly pissed me off. This dude pulled a Russ times 2 featuring Russ. Also Russ is a pain, not only does he write, rap, produce, mix and master he apparently his own therapist too. Back to logic tho project is solid but when you got money and enough fame to get these beats, samples cleared and features also actors and directors on your shit, IT BETTER BE DOPE. That being said all of those things left him with crumbs. Skits included. Dude can rap but its what he raps about and those fast bits that are hit or miss. Then add corny cuts or people hypin it up and you see where that can of corn come from. This gentrified boombap but at its highest form so I cannot deny it, I have to just accept it. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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