As Seen on TV! EP – Jack Fro$t

As Seen on TV! EP – Jack Fro$t


As Seen on TV! EP – Jack Fro$t
?1. Huggy Bear
??2. Scarface
?3. Snowfall
??4. Edward Nygma
?5. Cujo
?6. Oroku Saki
For an EP a majority of this was a miss. It felt dated, but also like something you need a closet filled with 10XL white T’s to listen to this. The mixes are clean, and crisp for sure I could hear everything even ad libs, but this to me just sounded like something dated or something thats not necessarily for my demographic. The raps were ok, allot of aggressive stuff but it feels almost country pop ish, country meaning southern grits with sugar south not cowboy boots south. Its short too and I only really enjoyed 1 song, the rest was just meh like he had a bunch of attempts at hype tracks and put them together. A lil more sauce, maybe a very contrasting feature or 2 and this could hit more. This will def hit for those still bumpin the Master P era or like die hard trick daddy fans. Im gonna pass on this one.
3/10- John D.


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