Honestly, Nevermind – Drake

Honestly, Nevermind – Drake


Honestly, Nevermind – Drake
?01. Intro
?02. Falling Back
?03. Texts Go Green
??04. Currents
?05. A Keeper
?06. Calling My Name
?07. Sticky
??08. Massive
?09. Flight’s Booked
?10. Overdrive
?11. Down Hill
??12. Tie That Binds
?13. Liability
??14. Jimmy Cooks f. 21 Savage
Drake made this for adonis’s white half. This anime dubbed reggaeton with a lightskin voice actor. Project is for cats who lick they fingers too much after eating chips. I am impressed tho that he captured what all music sounds like in a club after a breakup or getting cheated on. Its a cry for Rhianna idk if she could save it. Its a lazy take on the “oontz oontz” genre. He threw money at it and it fails, you can hear the money but theres no chemistry to it he just doing his lazy stuff over something college kids study to or plays in elevators. Features couldve helped NOT 21. Not sure if the stans gonna stand by this one. Throw it away.
3/10 – John D.


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