Smoking Gun – Deca

Smoking Gun – Deca


Smoking Gun – Deca
?01. All Was Not Well (Intro)
?02. St. America f. DJ Stan Solo
?03. Tuning
?04. Blight
?05. Flight Path f. Ichiban & DJ AWHAT!
?06. Hive of Industry
?07. Crab Apples
?08. Shelter f. Blu
?09. Tunnel Under
?10. Dawn Wind f. Homeboy Sandman
?11. War Heads
?12. The Eagle’s Descent
Album slaps. You got all the boom bappy, heavy bassline, chunky snair, dope ad lib like samples and even dj’ing every now and then type beats on this bad boy right here so that alone will have you invested. Then you have Deca just snapping, talking absolutely nice on some deep political real life type shit. Ive probably said it before and I will say it again he is like 80bpm Aesop Rock with the same type of content and heaviness just not the big ass vocabulary. So many lines had me wrinkling my face, his flow is fire, features came through ESPECIALLY THAT HOMEBOY TRACK. This is a complete thought a damn near perfect album. Just needs that one soul shaking track to really take it home but outside of that this right here is undeniable heat. Makes me wanna dust off skateboard or bike and just get out there in any direction. In rotation.
9.5/10 – John D.


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