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Last Time Was With Love – Mugga 220

Last Time Was With Love – Mugga 220
Last Time Was With Love – Mugga 220
🔥1. Vengeance Reborn
🆗2. Black Roses f. Zarrio the Ryuler
🌊3. Lap of Lux
👍🏾4. Midnight Club II
🌊5. Dating At 30 f. c0nway
🔥6. Believe it Or Not / Corleone’s Corner f. Neezy Corleone
👍🏾7. Commodity Kids
🆗8. A Soldier’s Ballad
Project got ups and downs. Ups are the raps dude can spit. Street shit real shit and punxhlines. The downs is the mix and that shit bleeds into some of these beats. As a whole i found myself uncomfortable with small things that just kept catching my attention. The story of it is all over. Like a series of thoughts put in an ep or more like someone took half of a mixtape type shit and let it ring. Not bad tho. Get this dude some better mixes and this shit would slap maybe even some beats with dirty under they nails. In rotation tho.
6.5/10 – John D.
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