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Back 2 The Ba$ics – Payroll Giovanni

Back 2 The Ba$ics – Payroll Giovanni
Back 2 The Ba$ics – Payroll Giovanni
🔥01. Looking At My Scale
🌊02. Back 2 The Ba$ics
🔥03. Good And Rich
🌊04. Tommy Bunz
🔥05. Everybody Can’t Go
👍🏾06. Get Yours
🆗07. My Bag
👍🏾08. 580 Benz
🌊09. Stayed The Same
🆗10. The Right One
👍🏾11. Provider
🔥12. Throw The List Away
Project is solid. Loses a bit of steam after track 5 but closes strong. Its not bad at all some dope production from some smooth shit to some Bay area time romps that I may or may not fuck with. I wasn’t mad at it, he was out here just rapping, dropping game, flowing and flexing. Can’t be mad at it, whole project had the energy of that one dude who is always in VIP’s with a drink chillen but never dances or smiles. When he was in his put you on game bag, felt like I was watching the successful dope man in my old hood roll up in his Benz. When he was in his bay area bag I swapped the benz out for a drop top. Project is smooth, highkey something. toput on if you wanna get shit done and need background music. In rotation.
7.3/10 – John D.
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