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Shape Up – Leikeli47

Shape Up – Leikeli47
Shape Up – Leikeli47
🚒01. Chitty Bang
🚒02. Secret Service
🔥03. New Money
🌊04. LL Cool J
🔥05. Zoom
🔥06. Done Right
🏥07. Free To Love
🏥08. BITM
🚒09. Baseball
🔥10. Carry Anne
🚒11. Jay Walk ft Miss J Alexander
🚒12. Hold My Hand
🚒13. Get The Riches
🌊14. Instant Classic (Bonus Track)
This project definitely is all energy. The rapping is aggressive, punctual , n witty. The beats slap & the concepts range to a wide variety of situations. Only a couple songs were a bit on wavey but overall I’m here for whatever violence this chick woke up with.
8.5/10 – TR!P
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