Orange Tape – Khan & OJ the Producer

Orange Tape – Khan & OJ the Producer


Orange Tape – Khan & OJ the Producer
?1. Rattlesnakes
?2. Risk to Take f. Professa Gabel & Cyph4
?3. Lost in Translation f. Asha Sudra
?4. Business Talk f. Soular
?5. September Snow
?6. Came & Past f. Equipto & Jota Effectus
?7. The People f. Lou Noise
?8. That’s Game f. Skepsys
Project is solid, amazing production and content. My biggest issue was Khan only really had one bag, cadence wise. Its not bad but on the songs hes running solo that contrast was needed and for these type of soulful but chill beats you need to really shine vocally to bring them life whether it from how much hes doing or even the mix to keep us invested. I was not mad at it tho he had allot of features to really add that contrast but for how good his content was you wanted and expect more from him. All in all its a complete thought, solid pacing and just a warm vibe to it whether its trying to uplift, or break something down. In rotation for sure, one of those local projects that you might actually find yourself running back more than once.
7.2/10 – John D.


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