Propaganda Poetry – Nojay

Propaganda Poetry – Nojay


Propaganda Poetry – Nojay
?01. Volume One
?02. Propaganda Poet f. Dontrell West
?03. Bunbun f. B Mack [Patch!]
?04. 3rd Sundays f. Yoni & B Mack
?05. God got Rich and Retired f. Townhouse
?06. Everything is Poitics f. JOJANK
??07. & I Love Everything
??08. What For f. ?Shishan
?09. Bronco
?10. Supergroup f. Masongo Ogora & antiyono
?11. Poet Paranoia
?12. Pressed, Vol. 3 f. Astroblk & Jordan Blackburn
?13. Woah Woah!
?14. Hell’s Cold f. townhouse
?/?15. Like U Like Me
If “came a long way” was an artist. This one of those ones that deserve an aggressively toxic fanbase who toss the word sonically around like its they job. Minus the 2 tracks in the middle this one was mapped out beautifully and pacing is on point. First off I have to give props for the way he was sprinkling important subject matter and conversations into his bars and lines, if you were just focused on how he was lowkey swagging you could easily miss some of the heavier things he says. That being said hats off to the fact that he may not be the most lyrical or technical but uses simplicity and the complexity of the music behind him in his favor. The beats switched up when you needed them to, they bopped after being mellow and vice versa, it all just made sense and gives you a sense of just back to back exciting moments. Features were solid for the most part, adding very good variety, and again the pacing really worked. This is a passion project and a complete thought. In rotation, hot take if you out here trying to feel cool because you go out of your way to like mainstream or famous artsy shit, you might look stupid when you hear this and realize this type of shit is out here.
8/10 – John D.


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