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Killing Nothing – Boldy James & Real Bad Man

Killing Nothing – Boldy James & Real Bad Man
Killing Nothing – Boldy James & Real Bad Man
🔥01. Water Under the Bridge
🔥02. All the Way Out
🔥03. Game Time
🚒04. Hundred Ninety Bands
🔥05. Medellin f. CRIMEAPPLE
🔥06. Cash Transactions f. Knowledge The Pirate
🚒07. Open Door f. Rome Streetz & Stove God Cooks
🔥08. Ain’t No Bon Jovi
🔥09. Bo Jack (Miller Light)
🔥10. Sig Sauer
🔥11. 5 Missisippi
🔥12. Seeing Visions
🔥13. Killing Nothing
Project hits. Every song. This that type shit I didnt know we need, the chemistry between Boldy on these Bad Man beats is crazy. The variety from both of them, the beats slap, boldy switching up flows but never lacking in punch lines and that crime shit that we all need. Dope hooks, absolutely fire features, pacing, like this shit makes me want to commit crimes that I know I am not built for. If you can listen to this and not envision yourself in situations that will get you shot then this may not be for you. The content the bars the flash, you can feel the love, and if you a fan of his you can hear the progression. I hope this is the start of his underground producer run. In heavy rotation, go cause some trouble to this.
9/10 – John D.
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