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Dont Ask Me, Just Listen – Jarl Far

Dont Ask Me, Just Listen – Jarl Far
Dont Ask Me, Just Listen – Jarl Far
🌊01. Another Day, Another Dollar
🌊02. Catch the Wave (feat. Nappavell & Jack Fro$t)
🌊03. Lost in Found (feat. Buckingham BK) (Track is very low)
🌊04. A Lex Cia
🔥05. Game (feat. Lord Coonie)
🌊06. Shark Infested
👍🏾07. Trap Jump Aye! (feat. Jams D Fizo, Dooley Martez, & Geto Gold)
🆗08. All Goes to You (Interlude) (Track is very low)
🔥09. Tears
🌊10. Word of Mouth
Project is a good time, dope southern twang to it, lots of lingo and language that isn’t native to my NY ass. I was here for it, all the fucking raps, dude is snapping, he flowing, he punching, he dropping jewels but overall you can hear he spitting about shit he cares about. Production was a good time too, honestly project is complete and easily loopable, I was just struggling with some of the song lengths, they would outwear they welcome or the mix was wild low and would throw off the pacing and cohesiveness. Outside of those bad, this project is a good time, good vibe, great message, catchy music, some solid risks too sonically that I couldn’t tell if he’s been doing this or just testing the waters out, either way he did a good job. Features came with it too, they gave off rap homie vibes, not block homie vibes, iykyk. In rotation easily tho, def can get a few more spins out of this one.
7.5/10 – John D.
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