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Save Me From Myself – Ironic

Save Me From Myself – Ironic
Save Me From Myself – Ironic
🌊1. Keys
🔥2. Monster
🌊3. Lately, Pt. 3
🌊4. Us vs Them
🔥5. Misunderstood f. Indigomerkaba
👍🏾6. Real (Bassline threw this one off)
🔥7. Life Goes On f. Dylan Thomas
👍🏾8. A Letter From Your Son
Project is solid. Its got allot to unpack in 8 songs. Its got ups, but more downs, allot of complex emotions, things we feel but never speak on and more. He is just venting with his pen as lyrically as he can. He punches, he drops some gems but also flows a bit on this. The variety is solid, you got some new age and some NF like piano type dark bops, some of the production could have had a bit more flair, he needed more contrast to really just bring him rapping at you more life, and some of the beats took away from what he was getting at, like track 6 and 8. The bassline on 6 was a mess and 8 the beat just didn’t make the subject matter hit as hard as it should have because the death of a loved one we all know that pain and all the shit that comes with it. Overall not bad, got some replay value and a few bops, US heads my give his accent a hard time but I think he comes through clearly. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.
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