Nobody. – Caskey

Nobody. – Caskey


Nobody. – Caskey
?01. The Drop
?02. Goin’ Pop
?03. U Don’t Really Love Me (Ft. Angel Hill)
?04. Double Jointed
?05. So Many Ways 2 Hustle
?06. Feelings
?07. No Volume! (Ft. ?Yelawolf)
?08. D!ckhead
?09. These Days
?10. Nobody Got U Like U Got U
?11. Rewind (Ft. Doobie)
There isn’t allot this man cant do, and if you looking for whatever that is just know its not on here. You got new age vibes, fast and slow, you got bars, flash raps, hooks and dope beats that can easily catch a loop anywhere. From his riches and his hustle you get allot. Its a complete thought, with guests. High-key Yela rappin like he tryna host the 2022 summer cookout. Anyone can dive into this and at minimum it will make you wanna smoke. In rotation.
8.3/10 – John D.


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