Nights – Lucy Camp

Nights – Lucy Camp


Nights – Lucy Camp
??1. Ugly
?2. Stillness
?3. Next to Me f. Peter Anthony Red
?4. Tried
?5. Intuition
?6. Tricks
?7. Mine
Project is a good time, like the goth side of pop. I was silently vibing to this, minor shoulder bops and such like Lil Uzi when he performing live. Its fun almost like adding some lady vocals to the stranger things soundtrack and score. Catchy, fun, mellow, slightly dark but in an upbeat way. Its fun stuff like this you cannot deny how creative it is. She putting together lines and such very well too on top of mixing up the sonics, singing and such. I enjoyed myself, it was a chill listen, I could put this on while im cooking, playing games but if I was driving i’d be upset my whip isnt leaving a tron trail. In rotation.
7.3/10 – John D.


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